A building. Six pages. Zero emissions.

Cecilia Blomqvist / 25 October 2022
Tre byggkranar i förgrunden med orange solnedgång

Efficiency has long been an important slogan in the construction industry, but now it has become a particularly critical factor for how the industry works for a variety of reasons.

The road to CO2-free construction is a key driver, where efficiency is an important way to minimize emissions through less waste, transport, materials, man-hours and energy consumption. Developers, designers and property owners are also more than aware of the fact that an effective project is more likely to be completed on time and stay within budget.

By involving manufacturers early in the process, you can increase efficiency and avoid "performance gaps" where the finished result does not live up to the design. This is because suppliers are given the opportunity to acquire expert knowledge at a crucial point in the process and thus ensure that the specified materials are the right choice for the task at hand. This not only avoids unprofitable and delayed component conflicts, but it can also provide a forum to discuss innovations and ideas that can take the project to the next level.

In all large commercial and residential buildings, every single part of the building must be carefully considered to ensure that it is suitable for the project. This may include assessing a system and its supplier and users against functional, operational, budgetary, logistical, planning and sustainability criteria. It can be a difficult and slow process to get to grips with these things, especially because of the complexity of large commercial and industrial buildings as well as the increasing technical characteristics of today's building materials.

At CPG Europe, we have brought together a number of leading brands in building materials to create a complete collection of systems, services and support that provide builders, architects and building owners with the highly efficient systems they need for any new build or renovation project.

By having this extensive product and expert knowledge at your fingertips in the design and specification phase, you can really turbocharge your project while gaining peace of mind knowing that the selected systems not only meet key performance requirements, but that the installation and continuous use of the products is effortless.

A single point of contact

The wide range of building needs covered under one roof at CPG Europe includes several high-quality products ranging from joining, gluing and insulation to seamless designed flooring solutions, fire protection, waterproofing and roofing solutions. Architects and specifiers can therefore settle for one point of contact throughout the design phase to gain an understanding of many areas for the upcoming building.

In practice, when it comes to creating efficient buildings, this means that the experts at CPG Europe can discuss systems for each of the six sides of the building. For example, how to ensure that window joining products have market-leading heat-insulating properties, how floor systems can provide heating that is 30% more efficient than conventional methods, or how insulated concrete walls of the type ICF (Insulated Concrete Forming) can provide insulation and airtightness that live up to Passive House standards.

This versatility in products is combined with industry-leading research and development capabilities, allowing building materials to be tested in advance and special requirements such as unique colors can be taken into account.

Collaborating with experienced teams who understand the requirements of large commercial and industrial projects makes communication much easier. Developers, architects and building administrators can easily get in touch with our sales, engineering and customer service teams, so they always have the necessary support and information to clarify any design or installation issues.

CPG Europe's experts will then be on hand to train fitters and help solve annoying problems that could put the project at risk of progressing with a waste of time, effort and materials as a result. Construction stakeholders gain more peace of mind by having qualified advisors on hand to resolve unforeseen complications, whether it's bad weather, sudden problems in the foundation, or other unpleasant surprises that construction professionals face every day.

Our versatile and professionally selected high-quality special products combined with our teams' experience of working on some of Europe's largest and most prestigious construction projects make us particularly well placed to offer the right solution, regardless of building size, complexity, location or sustainability requirements.