Meet Malin Lyckdal, Environmental Specialist

CPG Sweden / 13 April 2023

Here Malin Lyckdal tells us more about her role and her view of CPG Europe's environmental work.

Can you tell us more about what your role as an environmental specialist entails?

As an environmental specialist, I am responsible for environmental issues and have an advisory role towards my colleagues. My tasks include registering products in web-based environmental assessment systems such as BASTA, SundaHus and Byggvarubedömningen.

Another task is environmental monitoring. To keep up to date with legislative changes and news, especially in the Nordic market and associated product systems. I also monitor issues related to REACH, such as changes in the classification of chemical substances or new requirements for chemical substances that may affect the assessment of our products in environmental systems.

Can you give some examples of how you have helped companies become more environmentally friendly?

We are constantly working to ensure that our products are assessed in the environmental systems and update the documentation continuously if necessary. Environmental systems in Scandinavia are not mandatory, but they are a prerequisite for being able to market products on the Scandinavian market. It is extremely important that the products are registered in the environmental systems and that the products receive attractive assessment results in order to be competitive and qualified for customers' construction projects. One idea to continue working with is that I want to strive to work closer to product development. - -

In terms of environment and sustainability, in which areas do you think CPG Europe has the greatest growth potential?

It's hard to say, but purely spontaneously, I think it's about continuing the work in product development and starting from market needs. To develop products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly as much as possible. It is not only the product that must be "green", packaging, transport, etc. also contribute to making us more sustainable. The sustainability factor is becoming increasingly important for our customers. Therefore, it is important that we also invest in developing our website with a focus on the environment and that we become more transparent there. By becoming more transparent and showing our customers that we strive to make our products better from an environmental and sustainability perspective, we can achieve competitive advantages.

Are there any practices that you would like to change in the future to make CPG more environmentally friendly?

I would like environmental and sustainability issues to be included at an early stage of product development, or in the event of changes in operations. It is important that the sustainability aspect is not left out or taken into account too late, as it is becoming increasingly important in all processes.

Right now, extensive environmental work is taking place within the EU, the "Green Deal", and it will affect the future of our products. Therefore, we must constantly work preventively to keep up with developments.

Malin Lyckdal
Environmental Specialist