Local contacts

We have expert teams in the DACH region who take care of all requests regarding our products and services. The Tremco CPG Planungsteam gives advice for planners and architects, supporting all matters related to project planning.

THE Tremco CPG Planungsteam

Architects and planners require different support than assembly companies, which is why Tremco CPG Europe has a planning team with experts who are explicitly familiar with the topics and problems that architects and planners deal with.

Find the right contact person for you and your project and contact them directly. You are also welcome to use the general contact form or send an e-mail to planungsteam@cpg-europe.com.


For technical planning and project consulting, please contact one of our three colleagues:

Andreas Zimmermann - Leiter Planungsteam

ZIP-area: 26-28 | 30-37 | 40-69
Mobile: +49 173 898 6695
E-Mail: andreas.zimmermann@cpg-europe.com

Frank Unglaub

PLZ-Bereich: 01-25 | 29 | 38-39 | 99
Mobile: +49 173 935 6127
E-Mail: frank.unglaub@cpg-europe.com

Richard Gilch

PLZ-Bereich: 70-98
Mobile: +49 171 566 5742
E-Mail: richard.gilch@cpg-europe.com

For technical product advice, isotherm and moisture calculations, as well as detailed planning, our Planungsteam Bauanschluss is at your disposal:

Jacek Goehlmann

Mobile: +49 174 3295313
E-Mail: jacek.goehlmann@cpg-europe.com

Wolfram Kommke

Tel.: +49 2203 57550 126
E-Mail: wolfram.kommke@cpg-europe.com


Our fire protection expert Michael Wiese is always available to answer questions from all over Germany and Austria:

Michael Wiese

Mobile: +49 162 40 42 267
E-Mail: michael.wiese@cpg-europe.com


When it comes to floor coating, the following colleague will help you:

Volker Weigelt

Mobile: +49 175 2028269
E-Mail: volker.weigelt@cpg-europe.com


For projects and questions regarding structural waterproofing and concrete restoration, please contact:

Joachim Klenke or Frank Deppenkemper

Mobile: +49 173 2461 360 or +49 151 1845 4891
E-Mail: joachim.klenke@cpg-europe.com or frank.deppenkemper@cpg-europe.com

Contact CPG Deutschland

Tremco CPG Germany GmbH

Werner-Haepp-Str. 1
92439 Bodenwöhr

E-Mail: info-de@cpg-europe.com
Phone: +49 9434 2080

Contact CPG Österreich

E-Mail: info-at@cpg-europe.com
Phone: +49 9434 203 17 45

Contact CPG Schweiz

Tremco CPG Schweiz AG

Sihlbruggstrasse 144
6340 Baar

E-Mail: info.ch@cpg-europe.com
Phone: +41 41 760 12 12